Information about SKM VIETNAM

Our company was established in Vietnam in 2012 with 100% Japanese capital. Our company specializes in manufacturing equipment, always facing customer production challenges. Based on the business philosophy of headquarters, we provide Japanese quality products in Vietnam.

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Large parts processing

High quality

Price and Advantages of Vietnam factory

Small quantity, variety & Flexibility

Engagement between young and old employees

Delivery support as well as equipment assembling

Main manufacturing elds

  • From large to small parts and prototypes.
  • Providing products with high quality beyond customers’ requirements.
  • Our company started manufacturing parts for capacitor manufacturing equipment and semiconductor inspection equipment.
  • The quality of the product has been highly rated and increased by time.
  • Parts of: Vacuum equipment, LCD
  • Solar panel manufacturing equipment
  • Parts of: Capacitor manufacturing equipment
  • Parts of: semiconductor inspection equipment
  • Parts of: Prototype Development Equipment, printer,…

Order management system

We manage orders, production, and delivery operations from quotations.
Information will be converted into data for each customer.
We will immediately reply to your inquiries about the progress, the delivery information, and the inventory information.

Handling large scale

We specialize in large-scale processing using our proud gate-type five-sided processing machine, and since we are equipped with two 10t cranes, we can also handle heavy objects. Please take a look at our in-house equipment and order management system.

Main factory equipment Order management system

Environmental policy

We recognize that “recognizing that our earth’s resources are limited and giving permanent consideration to environmental conservation” is one of our important management issues. With all employees proactively addressing environmental issues and aiming to harmonize corporate activities with the global environment, we will continue to improve these efforts, and by utilizing information and communication technology to achieve resource and energy savings, We fulfill our social responsibility as a company that contributes to the safety and development of society.

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